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While it might be a dream come true to have a big home with a huge kitchen space, the reality is that not everyone could afford to have one. Even with a small kitchen space, you can still come up with ways on how to make it an efficient and workable area. All it takes is proper planning and possibly a good kitchen designer that can help you maximize the available space but if you are on a budget a few tips from home design magazines could be your makeover companion.

One way to maximize your kitchen is to make use of mounted cupboards and storage cabinets. By installing them against the wall, no floor space or area is occupied thus you’ll have more room for your kitchen appliances. It will also be better to avoid buying big and bulky kitchen equipment that could take up a lot of space. Keep your items limited by having only those that you really need and intend to use.

Plan your work area depending on how frequent you are inside the kitchen. Some families love their home cooked meals while others tend to eat out a lot. If you plan to introduce the kitchen concept to your child, make it as kid-friendly as possible. There are stores that offer do-it-yourself kitchen decors that are not only easy but affordable too.

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A woman usually stays in the kitchen. Of all the places in the house, the kitchen is probably the place where a woman stays the most because that is where she cooks. It is no longer limited to cooking, though. The kitchen can and usually is already the office space of a woman, especially of a mother. This is especially true if she is working online.

The kitchen and the dining area is just beside each other. It is often paired as one especially for small houses. When you have a small area, it seems limiting. Well, it is, really, but it does not have to feel that way. The ambiance can be enhanced by putting some kitchen curtains or table runners. You can give your ref some top cover with side pockets which is good also for little kitchen stuff for easy location. You can also buy or make your own placemat that matches your table runner for that week. Your hand towels, pot holders and apron can also be matched together for the week.

There are a lot of things you can do so you can have your kitchen enhanced so that working will be more fun. You may also want to consider looking at lincoln custom floor mats if you need some. It helps not to feel that you are working at all, instead you will be loving what you are doing.

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Whenever I am, my laptop is always with me. When I got o my room, my laptop is with me, when I am in the living room then my laptop goes with me and that mean even when I am in the kitchen, my laptop is also with me. It’s okay, it’s safe coz my laptop has it’s own table and I am not putting it on top of our table. My husband is not bringing his precious macbook in the kitchen, it is always on the safe place – our room or his lap. But his iphone is always on top of our table when we were eating. I am always telling hime not to put it there coz there’s already once or twice incident happened that my kids are eating and they almost got dad’s phone wet because of the spilled water. His phone is always with his side but I am telling him to buy an iphone covers that will protect it if he don’t want it to be soaked!

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It is said that the most bought beverage in the whole world is coffee. That is why many companies today focus on it and make their base product, which is coffee, be available in several mixes. They have tried to make variations so there is every reason to taste everything and enjoy coffee without getting fed up. Some do not like the bitter taste of pure black coffee also so that is another reason to vary the selection.

Having Espresso Machines is another reason to love coffee. It is just too magnetic to plug and push buttons and have a great tasting coffee when you wake up in the morning, have snacks before lunch, have another during lunch then snacks in the afternoon, another before dinner, yet another one after dinner and any coffee lover would not miss drinking another just before bedtime. For coffee lovers, the caffeine simply do not affect them anymore. They just enjoy the taste and the fact that they can indeed sleep even when they have just downed a cup just before retiring for the night.

Ahh…that’s simply coffee goodness!

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Last week I had a nice yet simple birthday celebration. I was able to celebrate it with friends here in Ar. It was planned a week before and everything seemed went well. I have everything I wanted and I dreamed of except for the party hats and mascot, lol. We celebrated it on a friend’s house since ours is just an apartment, we can’t accommodate all of our friends there. Some of them brought foods too like ‘tokwa’t baboy’ it’s a combination of pork and tofu, friend chicken, chicken afritada/menudo (I am not sure how it is called), lugaw or congee  and I cooked tonkatsu, sushi maki, spaghetti and brought some rice. A very nice friend made a cake for me, a very lovely cake with my favorite character – tweety bird. So childish I know but I just love tweety bird and I am dreaming of that cake eversince, Thanks to that friend! I so love it! A friend made a cute banner for me too and I displayed it our room now. I am supposed to buy an alcoholic drink or  fine wine or a  rare wine but I wasn’t able to buy anymore so I bought some sodas instead. Everything tuned out well. I enjoyed my 30th birthday party! Thanks to my husband and my friends!

For those owning dogs and treat them as family, they (the dogs) roam the house, sleep in the bedroom and eat in the kitchen. There seems to be no problem with the setup unless there are those allergic to the smell (despite frequent baths with fragrant dog shampoo, dog smell is still dog smell) and fur of the dog.

Another problem would be if the dog has developed mange mange in dogs are not easy on the eyes. They are not easy on the dogs either. They hurt. They are not good to be lurking in the kitchen either, mingling with your kitchen stuff with hair all over. That’s just yucky and unhygienic. Better treat your dogs first before you get them back to where they used to roam.

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Cooking in the kitchen, baking a cake or as simple as preparing salads are tasks that should be taken with proper care. The surrounding area should be clean so as the utensils and containers and appliances like oven, blender, mixer, etc. Since you are preparing food, you have to be very careful in handling.

Sometimes, even with utmost cleanliness that you have observed, when the food is prepare and already on the plate, a strand of hair is there. That would not be so clean even if you defend that it has just been washed.

While hair net is a solution, which is also used mostly in fastfood chains and restaurants, I guess the scrub caps from http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/ is not only perfect to do its job but it is also presentable. There are different designs to choose from. It will not only hold your hair back and make you presentable but it will also hold your perspiration since it is cotton scrub. Who says that scrubs are just for nurses?

Even if you are not a nurse, you can buy them. They even have a small version for kids as a gift idea especially for those who see themselves ending up as nurses when they grow up

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The kitchen is the birthplace of some of the most delectable culinary pieces.  Although it is a Mecca of gastronomic proportions, the kitchen can likewise be a place where danger strikes.  More often than not, it is the kitchen where most fires start, so if you are a cooking denizen, it would do you a lot of good to do what you can to prevent house fires from happening.

As much as possible, keep all flammable materials such as paper bags, dishtowels, or cereal boxes at a safe distance from your stove.  Be sure to keep pot handles away from the edge of the stove when cooking.  The last thing you’d want is for someone to accidentally tip the handle over.  Never, ever leave your cooking unattended!

In the event that your kitchen has set your entire house on fire, do believe that it’s not the end of the world.  Look around for any reputable fire damage company austin has to offer, and you’re sure to find one which can address your post-fire cleanup needs. These companies do have the ability to restore some of your most prized possessions.

Picking up the pieces, emotionally, proves to be a more difficult task than sorting out fire damage insurance claims austin lawyers can provide.  There’s always sunshine after the storm.  Even the deadliest fire, once put out, can bring a promise of a new day.

For more information, check out http://www.thesteamteam.com/austin-restoration-services/smoke-fire.shtml




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Authored by Rickey Combs

For those who do not know me well I will let you in on a secret. I love to save a dollar. If I can find a way to pinch penniesI will. I have decided that until the economy shows signs of recovery I am going to increase my money saving ways. I have already done the normal things. I have cut out the fun stuff; I no longer buy my morning cup of coffee. I make it at home. We have kept most of the channels from http://WWW.DIREC4U.com but we have eliminated our land line phone service. We no longer eat out. My goal for the next year to sell all of the extra clutter we have stored around the house. Most people buy too much and they usually buy things they do not need. I am guilty of this. A lot of them still have tags on them. I am not able to do this but one of my friends has rented out a room in her home. That is a situation that works for everyone involved.

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Before I started the meme “get lost’ at Loose It Up, I was fond of eating foods before I sleep. I love eating any kind of food available at night when hubby and I were watching at night and when the kids are already sleeping. We don’t wanna wake them up and sees us eating junk foods and chocolates with soda, Lol. Anyways, I still want to have midnight snack even I am planning to lose some weight but not so much junk foods anymore. Take note, I said “not so much’ meaning I am still going to eat some junk foods 😀 Few nights ago I ate chocolate strawberries – a strawberry fruit and a chocolate milk. It’s a yummy combination and I love it instead of dipping the strawberry into chocolate 😀 I am also eating banana and chocolate. I love chocolate milk so much and I want to pair it with fruits. But you know what It’s been a wee since the last time I had midnight snack and I guess that’s a good one!

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