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Last night we had our Pumpkin Carving and celebration of a friend’s birthday in advance coz he’s going to travel back to our country to get married and celebrate his birthday with her soon to be wife. We had a great time us usual., had our dinner, gave our gifts and carved our pumpkins.

Just wanna share the cake that our friend here made for the celebrant a SEXY Woman Cake by  A Lot of Sugar.

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Thanks to Brett H.  for this article


Some people run and hide at the mere mention of healthy meals, as they associate them with a lack of flavor and unpleasant austerity when it comes to portions. What many people don’t realize is that nutritious food can be tasty, nutritious, and filling. We all know that indulging in fatty foods has its health, consequences such as high cholesterol levels and sluggishness. By checking out some alternatives to your favorite foods, you will find ways to make eating healthy a habit, and your body will love you for it. Here are some tips to eat right for your health:

1. Make Your Favorite Foods with Better Ingredients

The truth is that most of your favorites such as burgers, pizza, and tacos do not have to be bad for you, if you know how to integrate actual nutrients.

For example, pizza is fattening if it’s made with a thick crust, a sauce that is mostly oil and chemicals, greasy, salty deli meat, and loads of cheese.  Try a thin crust or pita bread, if you’re making the pizza at home. Use tomato sauce instead of pizza sauce.  Add crushed tomatoes to your salt. If high blood pressure is a concern, try low-sodium options.  Though pepperoni and Italian sausage are tasty, so are the healthier turkey and chicken-based alternatives.  Or, try your own vegetarian version with fresh produce.  Skim mozzarella is good for you, as it actually has more water than hard cheeses like oily cheddar.  There is also no need for loads of cheese. Take a handful of cheese and distribute it evenly on the pizza.


2. Try Portion Control

Many people overeat due to the fact that they don’t come up for air. Really.  By taking smaller bites of your food or putting your utensils down between bites, you will get fuller faster because the food has time to digest. You can also try to chew for longer to reduce the amount of food you eat. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, by chewing for ten seconds or longer, you will actually end up eating a lot less than you would if you quickly chewed each food bite for three seconds.

If you have trouble eyeballing appropriate portion sizes, invest in a food scale.  These don’t cost much and will be of great benefit to your entire family. A food scale combined with a calorie counter allows you to determine how much food you should consume at every meal and how you can reduce portion sizes to manage your weight.

Cook a healthy pizza or turkey burger, and use a calorie counter to make sure you’re not consuming too many calories. The goal of eating healthier is not to starve or deprive yourself but to manage your food intake for a good quality of life later on down the road!



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If you are working in the kitchen, chances are you would get your blouse stained at one point or accidentally spill some sauce or seasonings on your favorite jeans at another. It can really get all dirty and messy and it would even vary depending on which dishes you are preparing at the time. Sometimes the protection aprons are offering is simply not enough. I wish someone will come up with something like medical scrubs for the kitchen to provide 100% protection whenever I work in the kitchen. It will make cleaning up after tinkering with my pots and pans a breeze and will make cooking even more enjoyable.

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Look what my Kids are munching here…..

I received a box of Halloween Cookies  for review and my kids loved and enjoyed eating it! My kids are always hard to feed and they are always picky when it comes to any kind of foods. They love cookies but they seldom eat just any cookies except if it’s their favorite. I showed them these cutie halloween cookies and they grabbed it from me and said ” wow mom, that’s a yummy cookie!” and they started munching it. It is indeed attractive to kids and yes, it’s delicious that they don’t even wanna share it to me.

These cookies are very affordable and I am planning to buy it for Halloween Gift Basket. I think the other kids would love it too! I will wrap each in a transparent plastic and design it with ribbon, nice idea right? You can also use it for Halloween Party Snack or design it like  If you are interested in purchasing these cookies, you can visit their site www.smileycookie.com but don’t forget to LIKE their page in facebook @Smiley Cookie so you can receive a 20% off Coupon good for Halloween Cookies!

Hurry! Grab your cookies now!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Kids love to play games but parents were left most of the time with mess and toys to clear. With the latest technology has offered us with online games, parents prefer to let their kids at home with those games.Cooking games  is one game that most parents allow their kids to play with. It is safe for kids to play with no violence or censored shots. It educates kids with the most amazing recipes that they can even try to do in real life. This the answer for every parent’s fear of letting their kids explore around the kitchen. Kids can virtually explore and cook online with no accidents and bruises. This can be their little kitchen online.

These cooking games for girls are varied in so many ways. You can choose from various characters and design of kitchen to use. You can even choose what dish to cook. For some kids who love desserts they are tend to bake and create ice creams with those free games online. There were ice cream parlors and even cookies and muffin creations to choose from. With the stunning designs you can do with muffins and cupcakes, you can be an aspirant baker in the near future.

With this option for kids to play on their spare time, you can keep your kids away from the streets or scattered toys on the floor. This game online might as well teach your kids to cook and be familiar with some ingredients they can see in your food. In that case they can really be taught well in the kitchen when the right time comes.

There were also options for speed and accuracy as well as decoration of the food with these free online games. You can be surprised one day that your kid knows how to boil or fry an egg in an instant. With this knowledge you can be secured that your kid can live alone someday even without the need to purchase food in fast food chains. Safe and easy cooking is one great advantage that kids can learn from these free online cooking games.

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Apart from cooking, there are just so many things and activities we can do in the kitchen. Of course, cooking, food preparation and eating are on top of that list. But, it is also a great place to bond with your little one over baking tins and pans. And cooking is just one of the many ways you can have fun with your children while teaching them the art and eventually, the habit of healthy eating, too. On other occasions, you can also bring your laptop along in the kitchen. You can browse recipes and cooking tips online, or a quick look at that zumo motorcycle gps site, if you will, while you prepare your next dish.

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Working in the kitchen, preparing healthy dishes for my family is one of my stress-relieving activities. Nothing beats whipping up easy to prepare sandwiches and dishes for the little ones to enjoy, unwinding after a long day’s work on my laptop. It would probably be more fun if I can pop a bottle of champagne or white wine and play this cd of easy songs for guitar while I prepare dinner or fix a quick late afternoon snack for my kiddos when they get back from school. I can also ask the little one to help out while I bake cookies or make pancakes during weekends. Fun, fun, fun!

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Did you know that I was a  working student when I was in college? I was twice a Jolibee Crew twice became a Greenwich crew. I started working 2nd year college till 4th year 1st semester. I didn’t get a job during the 2nd semester since I can’t combine it with my overflowing loads in class. My boyfriend, now my husband supported my finances then.



Fast food crew is not that easy especially for a student in college like me. I started in Greenwich SM Annex in PASTA STATION. I was the one preparing and serving pastas such as spaghetti, bakemac and lasagna. Fast Food Cook Jobs is not easy. The station is hot and your always dirty and I always smell like cheese. After then I became a cashier in Jollibee. Jollibee fastfood in SM North  is the busiest store that time. That’s my first Jollibee and I had a very hard time in that store but I don’t have any choice but to conquer the challenges til I finish my contract. After then, I also worked in greenwich congressional then the last one was at Jollibee Gracepark.

I love my experiences working in these stores even I am always tired after. Sometimes I am sleeping in my class, most of the time I am late, and sometimes absent.  I never thought I am not gonna make it, never slipped in my mind. No matter how hard my experiences are, my mind is just set to finish my studies. I love every little thing that happened to me during those days especially when I graduated. I love JOLLIBEE and GREENWICH! I owe them my college education. If they are not giving part time jobs to students like us, I won’t be able to finish college.

Thank JOLLIBEE and GREENWICH! You are always in my heart and forever be part of my life.



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Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence


I realize that there are a lot of people who simply want things to be as convenient and easy as possible. I would tend to agree with that, but I have also developed this new need over the past few years to feel as if I’m also getting the best deal possible. Most people will decide they need a new clothing item or items and go to the mall where they will simply find it and buy it. I, on the other hand, find what I want and then try to get the lowest price. This could mean variety of things. Sometimes I find what I want and wait until the store has a sale, which usually isn’t a very long wait. I also write down my wish list and then sign onto satellite internet oregon where I then either look for coupon codes for the item or find it on Ebay. This method may seen to take more time than it’s worth, but if I am able to buy a pair of $200 jeans for $125 or get 40% off of my entire order plus free shipping all from the comfort of my own home, it’s worth it to me.

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Octiber 1, 2011. Our 6th  wedding anniversary. Time flies really fast and I didn’t notice that we’ve come this far already.

I am so blessed that I am married with the most patient and kind husband in the world! He’s been so patient with me during those times that I am so depressed and being unreasonable and childish! I often remember those days and I feel so bad about it. But it reminds me always how much he lovde me no matter what. He stays with me till the end and I feel so lucky. I promised myself I will never let that happen again, I will not give him more pain in the ass. I will become more responsible and understanding to him, I will no longer do selfish acts. This is for my husband and for his love…..Thanks Dad!  I love you!


We didn’t celebrate our anniversary  like we used to do yearly back in the Philippines. We are not celebrating the fancy way, watching movie and dinner is what w always do but we weren’t able to do it this year.  We stayed at  home just like any other weekend,  watched a movie in the computer and drink some wine. Good thing we still have wine in the fridge but speaking of which, I have to  buy wine online coz we don’t have anymore stock. It’s nice to drink wine occasionally, it relaxes us before we go to bed, and for this kind of special occasion good thing we have stock, a toast and a kiss made out anniversary celebrated in our own special way!


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