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How do you often pay your bills not on time? Probably, most of you encounter same thing as most of us don’t have any helper at home, which can take over of the things we are doing for us to have time to go to billing to pay our electric bills. My cousin have told me about paying bills online yet I’ve got no idea on how does it work and if it is safe to make transactions online as I’ve encountered getting into trouble previously. She really convinced me to try it out and since I do have lots of questions if how does this work, then she tell me about treasury management training. This training will teach us how to make transaction by paying our bills safer and getting discounts and so much benefits compare in paying it in billing stations. I haven’t tried it out yet but as my cousin told me, it really made her work easier as she no longer needs to get worried on how to pay her electric bills on time. And so, I wanted to try it too. Probably, the next billing statement I will be receiving by the end of this month.

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Oh it’s been a long time since I haven’t tasted this yummy Filipino delicacy – Dried Pusit (Squid)!

I love buying this kind of food especially when it’s from the streets together with the fried peanuts.

This one is different coz it’s a special one and I am sure much more expensive than those I am buying from the street. No wonder it’s tastier!

Thanks to my husband’s office mates who are always remembering us!

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Highland Mission

Getting new dining set for my kitchen is one of my goals this year yet I am having a hard time when and where is the be
st to buy the perfect one that will suits my house. Recently, I have seen an ad about dining set and I was really envy with the style and unfortunately I forgot what brand was it and who manufacture it. I told my friend about it and she advised me to look for an amish style furniture. I asked what does it look and so she told me to search for it, and she’s pretty sure that I’ll like it. And so I did search for it, and yes, it is indeed caught my attention and I am so excited to have my new dining set only from Amish.

I don’t know what’s in my husband mind and he bought some additional stuff for our kitchen. He’s supposed to buy drinking glasses only and he end up buying these stuff…

condiment bottles

condiment cups

glass wine

tissue holder

drinking glasses

I love having new stuff in my kitchen, it inspires me and excites me for some reason. Thanks dad for these additional toys in our kitchen 😉

April is fast approaching and so Mother’s day as well. Have you ever thought of anything that you could give to your moms? What do you guys think is the best gift a mother could received during this special day? If you are still thinking what it could be, then better save your money now and prepare yourself to send flowers for her. This may be an old fashion way of gifting them yet every mom would appreciate it so much.
Roses & Rose Mix Flowers
Moms are women, remember that. They always prefer to receive gifts in sweet ways and of course they want it in sincerely came from the heart. And don’t forget to greet them as well together with “Thank you and I love you”.

Our house gets busy most of the time as my kids have to go to school weekdays and I myself has to work with some other stuff aside from being a full time mom and on weekends we go out of town. There are phone calls that can’t be assessed due to some instances that no one is at home. And I am having a hard time on how to manage it as some of the on going calls are coming from abroad. One time I was busy preparing our dinner that suddenly somebody called at home and unfortunately I can’t leave the food I am cooking and after a half an hour of taking care of the food I am cooking, I wasn’t able to reach the call. I was so dismay of what had happen that time might I loose a client for my business or might my sister was the one calling from abroad. Recently, I have read from one the adverts about answering services and I’m pretty convince of this has to offer for their clients. Without any hesitation, I then grab the opportunity to try it using their free trial and it really worked well. And now I am about to get their service for my house and of course for my business as well. This is a great solution for all my phone call problems.
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Gift giving has been traditionally applied by people around the world in every occasion or even in a simple gathering. We actually don’t have idea on what to give sometimes. Good thing is that GourmetGiftBaskets.com comes up with an idea that people could easily think of what to give in different occasions. We can actually put what we think is perfect for the occasion we are going to attend. Aside from that, the celebrant who can receive it will love it too. There are actually varieties of ideas on what to put for a gift basket. That depends on the person you wished to give the gift.
This month, I have lots of friends who are celebrating their special days such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and so much more and I am planning to give them this kind of gifts. And I’m pretty sure that they’ll be happy of what I am giving to them. Even myself, I really want to receive as well this kind of gift to from my friends and I would surely be surprised if ever. What do you guys think about the idea of gourmet gift basket? How does this sound to you? This is quite interesting and surprising, right? So if you don’t have any idea on what to give to your closest friends or to you loved ones, then this one is perfectly answers your need!
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Tomorrow is gonna be our first year here in Arkansas!  My kids and I moved here last March 11th 2011 to be with their daddy while he gets to stay here. Arkansas is a perfect state for a simple family like ours. Arkansas is just great for our kids to grow. It’s peaceful and not over populated. Some are saying t’s a boring state but for me, it’s totally fine! I love the surroundings, the people, the places and most especially the schools.  What I don’t like about Arkansas is that, there’s no public transportation aside from Taxi which is very expensive for me. Another thing that I hate are tornadoes, strong wind and thunderstorms.

Living in Arkansas for a year now made me feel safe. I feel like my kids are safe and protected in their school and bus. I trust the people that are always with my kids such as the teachers, the school and the bus driver. I hope everything will stay the same while we stay here. But sometimes, I cannot stop myself for being paranoid.  Ofcourse parents just want their kids to be safe always even at home so I am also thinking of putting an alarm in our apartment. My kids are sometimes opening the door without waiting for me and I hate that. It’s not because I am afraid of bad people that might you know…you really can’t tell so it’s better to be safe than sorry right? I saw a cheap house alarm systems in http://www.home-alarm-systems.com/ and Target  so I guess buying this item will not be that hard. There are some people who are calling me about this security too but I am still thinking through if we really need it or not. I know Arkansas is a safe state as well as Bentonville City but I just wanna make sure for the sake of my kids.

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It’s been a while since I last tasted our friend’s home made cake and I miss it.  One of our friends celebrated her birthday last week and finally, I get to taste her cake again! Hooray! This gold and silver cake of A Lot of Sugar is a mocha flavor. My daughter love it as always so she ate twice a slice of it.

My kids and my husband loves to eat cake. I love buying cake when I was still in the Philippines and my favorite flavor was black forest and caramel. But now that were here, my husband sometimes order at Cheesecake.com when we are craving for cakes. We love different kinds of cake such as chocolate, vanilla, mocha, strawberry and more aside from cheesecake and black forest and caramel so whatever flavor is available as long as it is yummy, my family will definitely eat it!

Some people prefer to use natural way of minimizing their weight but never thought of medicines that are made of natural. Gaining weight is one of the problems a person is encountering in her or his entire life. Of course, who wouldn’t hesitate to stay sexy and fab, right? Taking dieting pills without any knowledge about where does a particular brand came from may lead us into a problem. Thus, we should be wised enough in taking those meds such as natural made dieting pills. Those proven and tested ones and with great effects are the best to take such as irvingiaappress side effects. This is made of natural source which gives you great side effects!
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