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Have you ever experience on what to give on your kid’s special day? Well, there could be a lot of reasons on why we tend to forget but for sure it’s reasonable after all.
If this thing happened to you, better yet think of a nicer way on how to divert his attention in asking his gift from you. Probably, his attention would be diverted in some other things and that is the perfect way to prepare the gift you should give to him. Don’t have ideas what to give? Fret, no more! There are plenty of ways on what to give and one of it is creating unique personalized gifts for kids. Aside from buying gadgets or toys why not try this stuff, surely they appreciate this one too especially if they’ll knew that you made it only for them.
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There are lots of dining sets people could choose  yet that depends on their type of style but it is better if choosing the perfect dining set suits the theme of the house. There are lots of companies which sell wide varieties of dining sets nowadays thus; it is not difficult for those who would like to buy new dining sets for their homes.
One of the styles which are perfectly fit for homes that castle or mansion type is Thomasville. This set indeed really suits the theme of the particular type of house as it gives glamorous attraction to people who would see it. Aside from that, there are other types too people could choose and that depends on their style and where they find their place comfortable to stay with. After all, it is still the owner’s decision as what to buy for his or her place. How about you, what are your referred designs and styles for your home?

The kids enjoyed Easter Egg hunt adventure in our friend’s house last Easter Sunday. We had our simple celebration with Ihaw-ihaw  (grilled) foods, play time in their backyard, easter egg hunt and egg decorating.

 Before we had lunch, the kids enjoyed the new trampoline our friend got in their backyard.  They loved it and even asking if can buy it too aside from the patio swing that they keep on asking us to buy. Unfortunately we can’t have this stuff until we got our own house in the future.

After playing we had feast on the Ihaw-ihaw foods…

Grilled Liempo, Grilled Fish and Chicken, fresh fruits and veggies :)

And finally, EGG HUNT and EGG Decorating time!!

HAPPY EASTER everyone!

Working on welding company is quite difficult; that is, if a person is not familiar with it and doesn’t have any potential in working it too but, if a person is willing to do the task, then nothing is impossible either he is familiar or not with it at all.
Welding process/work needs focus and of course gears to protect the person physically such as welding gloves, welding helmets, and other equipment in protecting a person from harm. These are the things an employee who works in welding field should have to ensure his safety and of course his health too.
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Music is one of the best past time a mom could listen to every time she’s busy especially if she’s doing the household chores. Well, I totally agree with that. There are plenty of tasks I do everyday and one of the things help me out from getting stress is listening to music. I just remember how my cousin plays his guitar. He got a lot of Egnater Guitars in their house and I really love the way he plays those. Well, if ever I’d be given a chance to learn even one, I would grab all the opportunity to study about it.
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Guest post of the week by Bradley Guthrie

In preparation for the premier of season five of my favorite show on denver direct tv, I’ve been rewatching the previous four seasons of Mad Men. Now that I’ve rewatched each season, I have to say my favorite season is still season one. It’s when we first met Don Draper, the literally self-made man who appeared to have it all. I say that he was literally self-made because his real name is Dick Whitman and he stole the name from a fellow soldier who died in the war where they were fighting together. To his credit, he does take care of the original Don’s wife. You want to think it’s out of kindness but it really wasn’t. It was just a means to protect himself and the life he carefully crafted. And boy, does he seem to have it all! A beautiful wife, two kids, a great job, lots of money. The first season sets it all up in a beautiful fashion, making the crashing house of cards in seasons 2 through 4 all the more interesting. Without season one, there could be no future seasons, no continuing episodes of the drama that has entertained me for hours on end.

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I was watching a koreanovela entitled PASTA in Netflix yesterday and I suddenly craved for Macaroni Salad, weird huh?  In that series they are making different kinds of foods that made me drool and crave for different dish. I am done cooking with shrimp scampi the other day, yesterday I end up eating cup noodles because I saw it in PAST too and now I am making ….

Chicken Macaroni Salad

1 cup elbow macaroni (not cooked)

1/2 lb boneless chicken breast or ham (cooked/cubed)

1pc apple (cubed)

1/2 cup onion (chopped into small pieces)

1/2 cup raisin

1 hard boil egg (cubed)

1 1/2 cup mayonaise

1 tsp salt


1 tsp pepper

Making Macaroni Salad is as easy as abc..all you have to do is boil the macaroni noodles, cook the chicken if you don’t have the canned chicken breast, boil the egg and of course chop the ingredients that needs to be chopped.

After preparing all these ingredients, start mixing the elbow macaroni and the mayonnaise together. Make sure to mix them evenly the start mixing all the other ingredients too. Put some salt and pepper to taste.

Now my appetizer is ready! Hmmm yummy!


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Being a full time mom is a difficult task yet it is one of the best roles in life that every single man couldn’t have. Well, being a mom is totally different from being a dad yet being a parent is a priceless gift given by God.
As a mom, we tend to work the best for our kids, and so we often forget of the things that we should do for ourselves. We don’t actually know if we’re already stressed and haggard. Luckily, my kids are very honest and so they always tell me if I am looking old already. Good thing is that my friends told me about Cleopatras Choice facial care. It sounds very intriguing as it is Cleopatra’s Choice. Of course, who doesn’t know about the beautiful Cleopatra?
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