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Cooking everyday is something we do back in the Philippines. Not just once but thrice or more. Yes, we cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner and sometimes, snacks. I grew up eating freshly cooked meal. We don’t have fridge, nor microwave that is probably why, they need to cook all the time. My mom is a busy mother but she always manage to feed us proper breakfast. When I moved to my grandparents house when my father died, my grandma or my Aunt  always cook breakfast too and never let me leave for school without anything in my stomach. We may not be rich but I grew up like that and made me realized hey I am rich! Rich with loving relatives.12047699_914155175342753_316491862_n

I must admit, I hate cooking! I was asked to cook several times when I was younger  but I never enjoyed it, not until my family and I moved to America and have to learn how to cook or my family will either end up broke eating out or starve to death! I can’t really say I am a good cook now, I am still in the process of learning. But I am proud to say I can cook without looking at the internet/recipe now, and can even make up my own recipe (wink! wink!). My husband seemed gaining weight by eating too much (thank  goodness, he is doing some exercises now!), my kids are not complaining except when you give them vegetables (LOL) so evidently I am doing an OKAY job. (what do you think?)  I am not gonna hide how proud I am to myself. I never imagined myself cooking dishes that I always thought was hard to make. I am hoping to expand my knowledge and learn more recipes. NO,  I still don’t love cooking but I do it for my family and will do it forever coz I LOVE watching them eat and enjoy what they are eating!

So lately, I am breaking out with so itchy and irritating eczema all over my hands. Being a stay at home mom and all is very hard for me these past few months. Everytime I wash, my hands are getting dryer and dryer and if I use gloves, they are going to start to itch. I have limited options, I know I am supposed to look for gloves that is cotton inside but I can’t find any til now or I just don’t know where ot look. It’s been literrally  and figuratively rough for me this year, thanks to my husband that stepped up and decided to do the things I can’t do as much as he can. After work, he’s helping me with the dishes. During weekends, he’s chopping ingredients that I will be needing to cook for our daily foods. I am just proud to tell everybody how special how I feel. Especially when we have to attend a “seafood” party and you know when you eat seafoods like crab and shrimp, it’s better to use your hands. Unfortunately that means, I can’t and I feel so loved and “turned on” when my husband did it all for me and I was like a queen for that moment. It’s good to sometimes being spoiled. I loved it.

Ofcourse I don’t wanna him doing all these things everyday instead of just relaxing after a long day at work. I want him to relax too so the least I could do is give him tools to make things easier and faster like food processor and my newest is this Professional Garlic Press and Silicone Tube Peeler. Garlic is so hard to manually peel then press. With this baby, we just have to press it and the skin will be easier to remove.  This way, he don’t need more time to do it. One more thing I love about it aside from being easy to use, it’s also easy to clean and store. An affordable and very useful tool in the kitchen indeed!

So now even my husband is doing it all atleast once a week, he still can even give me a massage after helping me in the kitchen. Who doesn’t love that? I am indeed a lucky woman!

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