I am thinking if I really need to buy a kitchen processor, I love to make shake for my kids but I don’t have it. We have a food processor back in out country I broke it twice. I don’t have any choice but to buy again coz there are no kitchenaid food processor parts sold in any store that time. Food processor is not that expensive so I guess It’s okay to buy a new one than buying a parts and have it fix.  I saw this 2 in 1 food processor for sale online and I wanted to buy it. But since my main objective is to make a fruit shake, just thinking carefully if I really need it or not. A blender or a food processor?

Base on what I read there are top ten ways to use a food processor:

 1. Puréeing Soups and Sauces

2. Preparing Salsas, Pestos, Dips, and Spreads

3. Grinding Meat

4. Grinding Nuts

5. Making Nut Butter

6. Grinding Flour

7. Making Pasta and Pizza Dough

8. Making Homemade Mayonnaise

9. Making Bread Crumbs and Cookie Crumb

10. Shredding Cheese


Food processor has plenty of things to do but all I need is to make a shake so I guess buying a food processor is too much. But if they have almost the same price then I’ll go with food processor.

Posted on May 1, 2014 | Miscellaneous

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