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So lately, I am breaking out with so itchy and irritating eczema all over my hands. Being a stay at home mom and all is very hard for me these past few months. Everytime I wash, my hands are getting dryer and dryer and if I use gloves, they are going to start to itch. I have limited options, I know I am supposed to look for gloves that is cotton inside but I can’t find any til now or I just don’t know where ot look. It’s been literrally  and figuratively rough for me this year, thanks to my husband that stepped up and decided to do the things I can’t do as much as he can. After work, he’s helping me with the dishes. During weekends, he’s chopping ingredients that I will be needing to cook for our daily foods. I am just proud to tell everybody how special how I feel. Especially when we have to attend a “seafood” party and you know when you eat seafoods like crab and shrimp, it’s better to use your hands. Unfortunately that means, I can’t and I feel so loved and “turned on” when my husband did it all for me and I was like a queen for that moment. It’s good to sometimes being spoiled. I loved it.

Ofcourse I don’t wanna him doing all these things everyday instead of just relaxing after a long day at work. I want him to relax too so the least I could do is give him tools to make things easier and faster like food processor and my newest is this Professional Garlic Press and Silicone Tube Peeler. Garlic is so hard to manually peel then press. With this baby, we just have to press it and the skin will be easier to remove.  This way, he don’t need more time to do it. One more thing I love about it aside from being easy to use, it’s also easy to clean and store. An affordable and very useful tool in the kitchen indeed!

So now even my husband is doing it all atleast once a week, he still can even give me a massage after helping me in the kitchen. Who doesn’t love that? I am indeed a lucky woman!

Thank you once again Ozeri for letting me expericnce your awesome products! Thanks for the  Ozeri Green Earth Textured Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan, 100-Percent PTFE and PFOA Free you’ve sent me. It was perfect from what I’ve expected.  DSC_0383

This is my first ever pan with a different look. I am not so good at telling which brand is good or not so I have to really experiment on everything and read reviews about the products. This pan is my 3rd pan along with my other 2 pans with different brands I had. They are all non stick but this is the biggest one and quite deeper pan I had so far. DSC_0392

What I love about it is that I can put it in an oven without burning the handle!  Cool! I haven’t baked using my other pans so I am kind of amazed when I used it. Just be careful when unloading it from our oven, it’s still a little bit hot so use a potholder.


I also love the bottom of it, some of the pans are leaving stains on the beautiful color of the pan, I don’t wanna clean it too much for I dont wanna scratch it but with OZERI you dont have to worry for it’s scratch free!


I am so happy with this product,  love to use it when cooking lomein and fried rice, the size is perfect! Next time will have the smaller size too!!!



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Before we arrived here, husband made sure we have everything we need at home. He shopped for some bedroom stuff like bed sheets, comforter, pillow and their cases and a blanket. He also shopped for kitchen wares like out pot and pan, spoon and forks, plates, bowl and platters, some glasses and cups and more utensils at Sabatier Knives – www.crosbys.co.uk . When we arrived everything was set. Good thing he rented a ‘fully furnished’ apartment where you don’t need to shop for appliances. But anyway buying appliances here is easy if you have the budget, transporting big appliances  are easy because they can just ship it directly to your home using their  trucks. Don’t worry about them coz they have their own houston truck accident attorney. Just mind the buying, and the payment of what you’ve ask to deliver. But you know boys right, they don’t want a very complicated things so he chose to have a fully furnished apartment among any other options he have.

There are lots of dining sets people could choose  yet that depends on their type of style but it is better if choosing the perfect dining set suits the theme of the house. There are lots of companies which sell wide varieties of dining sets nowadays thus; it is not difficult for those who would like to buy new dining sets for their homes.
One of the styles which are perfectly fit for homes that castle or mansion type is Thomasville. This set indeed really suits the theme of the particular type of house as it gives glamorous attraction to people who would see it. Aside from that, there are other types too people could choose and that depends on their style and where they find their place comfortable to stay with. After all, it is still the owner’s decision as what to buy for his or her place. How about you, what are your referred designs and styles for your home?

Highland Mission

Getting new dining set for my kitchen is one of my goals this year yet I am having a hard time when and where is the be
st to buy the perfect one that will suits my house. Recently, I have seen an ad about dining set and I was really envy with the style and unfortunately I forgot what brand was it and who manufacture it. I told my friend about it and she advised me to look for an amish style furniture. I asked what does it look and so she told me to search for it, and she’s pretty sure that I’ll like it. And so I did search for it, and yes, it is indeed caught my attention and I am so excited to have my new dining set only from Amish.

I don’t know what’s in my husband mind and he bought some additional stuff for our kitchen. He’s supposed to buy drinking glasses only and he end up buying these stuff…

condiment bottles

condiment cups

glass wine

tissue holder

drinking glasses

I love having new stuff in my kitchen, it inspires me and excites me for some reason. Thanks dad for these additional toys in our kitchen 😉

I got a crazy night last Thursday, I went shopping with my friends and experienced this Black Friday Night  at Walmart. Shopping starts at 10pm but the people were there so early and waiting til the shopping time starts. I went there to experience Black Friday madness and to buy all of the stuff that in my list, unfortunately I wasn’t able to have them all coz it’s ‘first come first grab’ basis so some of the stuff are all gone before you can able to get it. There are lots of sale items in very low prices like home theatre system wireless, Xbox, TV and more and the people are so dying to get them! Good thing I got the most important thing I need the paula deens kitchen ware!

I have always been a fan of Luminox watches. The watches have a unique sporty elegance that sets them apart from other watches. I would surely like to receive one for Christmas. Maybe hubby and I can get matching watches. What do you think? But I would really be ecstatic if I can find a kitchen timer or a wall clock for the kitchen that looks like a Luminox. That would certainly add spice to my kitchen, don’t you think? That is an idea. I would love to be called the first woman to have a Luminox watch-inspired kitchen timer or wall clock.

I was looking at our kitchen the whole time yesterday, I am not satisfied how it looks now. The pans and pots were old, the cafetiere were stocked coz I don’t know how to use it, the oven toasted were so old and we still don’t have our dining table.  I have so many things in mind that I wanted to buy for our kitchen. I wanted to invest more stuff but I am holding myself for we don’t plan to stay in our apartment for another year. My husband is planning to get a bigger one and not on the second floor this time. I am so wishing we could buy our own house soon and shop for more kitchen stuff and appliances. I wanted to invest more of our baking equipment and start learning how to bake and decor a cake. I didn’t thought of anything like this before when we were in the Philippines, but now that we have our own house, everything was changed. I am becoming a real WIFE and MOM now.

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