I love my new Selfie Stick!

Thank you Power Theory for sending me this product for FREE!

I love this product so much! Everything that says in the specifications were all TRUE! I love that it’s easy to carry wherever I go, I literally can put it in my back pocket, or in my small purse! I love how it’s easy to operate, attach your phone to the cellphone holder which is easy to pull by the way, plug the cord to your phone via Ear Phone Jack, stretch the mono pole whatever lenght you want, and viola! NO MORE BATTERY or BLUETOOTH needed, just take selfies up to to 2 feet away from you!


Now I can actually take photos of not just the foods I cook and eat, but also including me! 🙂

I really recommend this product to all SELFIE lovers out there!

Posted on Jul 16, 2015 | Miscellaneous

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