Healthy body needs healthy diet and ofcourse  regular exercise!

Aside from Zumba, Barre and TRX, Yoga is also one of my favorite form of exercise. Not just good for the body but also for our mind.


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If you are planning to attend yoga in the future, make sure to choose the right mat. Proper mat will enable you to do the poses correctly and without hurting your knees with poses that requires you to kneel. When I first started yoga, I struggled mostly with the “down dog” pose coz my hands keep on slipping off the mat. It’s hard to concentrate when something like this happens.



With this new Cloud Yoga Mat, I honestly can do ‘down dog’ (see photo above) and other pose without struggling. I wish someone can take my pic in the gym while doing yoga but everyone is calm and quiet so I can’t share photos of me in action. But I’m sure you can imagine what I’m talking about.

The description of this product are true fact! It will never disappoint you.

My favorite about this mat is that, it’s thicker than usual – it’s 8mm thick and very soft.   I can kneel comfortably now and do the poses without modifying it.

Here are some photos of the mat. Hope you enjoyed this review and helped my fellow consumer.

comes with carrying strap


Extra long 76″ (6′ 4″)


Extra thick 8mm (0.3″)

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